Saturday, April 7, 2012

1000 views: Nero Mix

So on Soundcloud, there is a badass two hour mix which features all the best dubstep artists including Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Foreign Beggars and way way more. Trust me, it is great all the way through, I just discovered it yesterday. It will blow your mind.
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Here it is:
Nero Mix

Thursday, April 5, 2012

500 views: Mix Artist: Sub Odyssey

This guy is not as good as the other, admittedly, bus his song is still pretty well done. The ending and middle parts of the song are a bit different, but if you like dubstep and rap remixes, you will probably enjoy the parts I am describing. I believe the foreign beggars are in this one along with Doctor P and some other great dubstep artists. Go check out the SubOdysseyMix

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Second Mixes: MuffinMixes

MuffinMixes is an artist of SoundCloud that makes some of the better mixes on the site. If you like dubstep you will most likely love his music. He has one hour long dubstep and it includes a lot of artists whose names I don't currently know. Tell me if you listened to this song. I refer to this as the Exclusive MuffinStep Mix and I have heard this almost as many times as the Transformers dubstep.Go check MuffinMixes out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Original Artists: Vexare

Well, this post was deleted somehow. I guess I'll recreate it now. The point is go check out Vexare. He is a great dubstep producer. You won't regret going to his Vexare's soundcloud and listening.
I will post more Original Artists as I find them.

Original Soundcloud Artists: Intro

I have found a lot of epic dubstep on Soundcloud. If you don't know what Soundcloud is you should go check it out right now. It's a website that was made to help people by letting them post music they have made or remixed in the case of dubstep. I'm making this blog to help the users on the site that I listen to, get discovered. Trust me, it will be worth your time to go check this site out.

First Mix: Dubstep-18

This is an amazing soundcloud mix artist: Dubstep-18
This guy created the Transformers dubstep as I like to call it. It includes some deadmau5, some UKF, some Flux Pavilion, and a lot of others. It was officially the first hour-long dubstep I listened to. This dubstep is very addictive and although it is an hour long i have probably listened to it over 30 times. :)

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April 5th's Artist hint: Muffin is in the name. Want to know who it is?
Come back on April 5th.

Soundcloud: Intro to Top Mixes

On Soundcloud there are some kickass mixes made by a variety of people. When doing my test of worthy dubstep I listen to the whole song all the way through.(They are usually about an hour long)I have browsed through by searching keywords like "1 hour" and "long dubstep"; the results were great. Most of the time the mixes included remixes of skrillex, deadmau5, flux pavilion, nero, borgor3, and sometimes even daft punk. These are all melded together into one long-ass, hour-long, and epic dubstep. Normally the drops are sick in the majority of the songs I have heard. Why listen to hour long mixes? Pass time, Enjoy at least 10 drops per song, and lastly you get to enjoy mixes of popular dubstep by remixed by unknown artists on soundcloud.(most of these artists are very popular on soundcloud but not otherwise)